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Spinning Tackle:

6-8 foot rods with at least a 0.25 line on the reel. 

The ideal casting weight on the rod lies between 8 - 16 grams. Before you begin fishing, it is very important that you adjust your brake, as the fish in Harlev Put & Take are well known for their extremely strong condition.

Spinners and lures:

Mepps, Myr, ABU and other spinners in silver, copper and black are very much used.  The weight of the spinner lies between 5-15 grams.

Lures like Moresilda, Toby and Salar ought to be tried. Vary your speed of retrieval, depending on water temperature and the time of year that you are fishing. Jig-tails in different colours should also go in your tackle box.

Fly Tackle:

8-10 foot rods, in Aftm class 5-8 with at least a 0.23 line at the tip, because there is the likelihood of taking fish of up to 8 kilos in extremely good condition.

The best fly lines are the floating and intermediate lines, with possibly supplementary sinking leader.

The cast leader should be at least 9 foot long, because the fish can be extremely shy.


The absolute best flies at Harlev Put & Take are the Woolly Buggers, in black and green.  But also, different varieties of Montana nymphs and Red tag palmers, always catches a good fish.

In the run of the season there are many different forms of insects in the lakes and it is therefore very important that you bring a good variety of insect imitations. 

See fly patterns

Runner Fishing:

The same is valid here as was written for the spinning rods.  Therefore, 6-8 feet rods with at least a 0.25 line on the reel.  The ideal cast weight on the rod ought to be between 8-20 grams.

Once again it is also very important to adjust and control your brake before you start fishing, when there is a strong possibility of catching up to an 8-kilo fish in extremely good conditions.


The absolutely most popular bait used on Harlev Put & Take is Berkley’s Power Bait.

But earthworms and maize are also safe bait for the catching of a rainbow trout in the lakes.


Harlev Put & Take, Højbyvej  9,  8462  Harlev.